This month we wanted to share some updated statistics based on our newest initiative: The Vitality Shot. MiraBelle began this weight management program back in January, and the consensus of results have been incredible!

If you remember our January Newsletter, we spoke about how this program consists of subcutaneous Semaglutide & NAD+ injections for 12 weeks. The protocol for these injections is to progressively taper up to higher doses to adjust for tolerance and monitoring. Not only have we seen excellent results, but the overall concurrence of positive feedback has also exceeded everyone’s expectations.

To showcase the success rate after only 4 weeks of treatment, we have created this infographic for you:


As you can see, after 4 weeks on our Vitality program, the average amount of weight lost was approximately 6lbs on our .25mg dosage of Semaglutide & NAD+. After these initial 4 weeks are completed, our participants will bump up to .5mg for the next 4 weeks and will conclude the final 4 weeks at a 1mg dose. Based on these initial numbers, and accounting for dosage increases, we anticipate excellent results following our 12-week program!

Swimsuit season is around the corner, and if you are looking for that final boost to get Summer ready, please consider the Vitality Shot for your weight management needs. You can contact our office at 512-668-9090 or book your consultation online.

Please keep in mind that to qualify for this program you must schedule a consultation with our physicians and have proper lab work completed. We will continue to closely monitor all our clients and can’t wait to give you more statistics in the near future!