Welcome to 2023! Each new year brings resolutions that can sometimes feel unattainable. However, our biggest objective in 2023 is to help our clients look and feel their best without the worry of sustainability. Therefore, we have been quietly creating a program behind the scenes that we are thrilled to announce! MiraBelle Spa is pleased to bring you our newest treatment program: The Vitality Shot.

The Vitality shot is comprised of Semaglutide and NAD. This subcutaneous injection is indicated for use, along with diet and exercise, to aid in weight loss and raise energy levels. Semaglutide is known for its ability to slow gastric emptying, stimulate glucose-dependent insulin release and inhibit inappropriate post-meal glucagon release. NAD has been shown to coordinate DNA repair, increase energy metabolism, improve glucose tolerance and lipid metabolism, and encourage high levels of energy. In simpler terms, injecting these two agents simultaneously can effectively suppress weight gain and reduce excessive food intake.

This weight management program has been carefully designed by our Physicians at MiraBelle Spa. In order to see if you qualify for the Vitality Shot, a consultation with Callie, our Nurse Practitioner, is required along with BMI, BMP, thyroid and CBC levels. If you are indeed an ideal candidate, this 12 week program will include weekly injections alongside follow up visits with Callie to ensure successful treatment.

We truly feel honored to provide our clients with the most effective and innovative aesthetic measures.

Please reach out to us at 512-668-9090 if you are interested in booking your Vitality Shot consultation with Callie today.

Cheers and Happy New Year from all of us at MiraBelle Spa!

PRICING FOR VITALITY SHOT- $1499 for first 12 weeks & $349 monthly maintenance thereafter (includes weekly check ins via in-office appt or virtual appt PLUS 1 in-office visit required per month)