Valentines Day…. And a Med Spa?

Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States on February 14 every year, we decided we wanted to learn a little more about this holiday. Why in the world would a med spa be interested in the history of Valentine’s day. It’s all about romance and gifts, right?  Yep, and a little bit more.

Ancient Roman

According to The History Channel, this holiday and the traditions are still somewhat of a mystery, but ancient Roman history ties Saint Valentine to this tradition. Apparently, there were three different saints with the name of Valentine, all of whom were martyred. According to legend, one of the Valentines fell in love while in confinement and wrote a letter to his love signed “From your Valentine”. Another of the Valentines married young lovers in secret, defying the Emperor Claudius II. Whatever the real story may be, the name Valentine emphasizes a sympathetic, heroic and romantic figure.

During the middle ages in France and England the middle of February marked the beginning of bird mating season, again adding to the idea that Valentine’s Day should be for romance. Historical figures as far back as the 1400’s have composed poems and letters to their loved one in commemoration of Valentine’s Day. Then there is Cupid. Believed to be of Greek mythology, Eros was a handsome immortal and used golden arrows to incite love and leaden ones to sow aversion.

For the most part, by the middle of the 17th century it was common for friends and lovers to exchange cards and gifts. Today, over 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending holiday, after Christmas. So, our little history lesson still seems to tie Valentine’s Day to the exchange of cards and gifts for friends and lovers.  Who doesn’t like receiving a gift after all?