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The Importance and Benefits of Medical Grade SPF

As we enter the summer season, the uptick in outdoor activities can guarantee extra sun exposure. The importance of wearing a daily SPF is well known when it comes to protection and anti-aging, but did you know that MiraBelle carries sunscreens with active ingredients to enhance these benefits?

The advantage of knowing the ingredients in your SPF ensures your ability to utilize different products towards your desired outcome. Whether you are looking for an additional moisturizer for that extra glow, or you need a long-lasting water-resistant SPF for your active lifestyle, there are several different avenues to which our sunscreens can cater to. EltaMD carries a wide variety of SPF products that include Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Squalene to both repair and protect your skin simultaneously. Our very own MiraBelle Filtered sunscreen is a personal favorite, due to its high levels of Zinc Oxide without any harmful additives. It’s silicone-based composition creates a matte look that is a perfect alternative for foundation during the hot summer season. Due to the high levels of pure and active ingredients in these types of medical grade sunscreens, it has been shown to provide a higher level of protection for the duration of application.

Over the counter sunscreens often use preservatives and fragrances which aren’t as potent in protecting your skin due to the lack of pure ingredients, as regulated by the FDA. Their requirements for OTC products are to include at least 70% of pure ingredients, while medical grade regulations must contain 99% active ingredients. Additionally, there have been countless studies that emphasize the importance of using sunscreen without hormone disrupting ingredients, and at MiraBelle we are able to provide many different SPFs which are fragrance free, paraben free, and sensitivity free.

It’s also important to note that SPF should be used frequently, especially when outdoors. The number value of SPF on your product directly relates to the amount of time you have between applications, so be sure to take note of the longevity of your sunscreen. We are always thrilled to share our skincare knowledge with you, and we encourage our valued clients to swing by MiraBelle this summer to browse the different SPF varieties that we carry!