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Breast Surgical Options


The beauty of being a medical spa run by board-certified plastic surgeons is that we can offer a full spectrum of Breast Surgical Options through our partner practice of Wellspring Plastic Surgery, located in Central Austin. The team of Dr. Claude-Jean Langevin and Dr. Jeffrey Cone understand that appearance and self-confidence interplay. They enjoy improving a patient’s looks because it often also improves their lives. With several years of experience in different areas of cosmetic surgery, our plastic surgeons are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable about your procedure.


Breast augmentation surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that introduces a saline or silicone breast implant behind the breast tissue or chest muscle in order to enhance the shape, size, or fullness of the breast.

Breast Augmentation
with Lift

A breast augmentation with a mastopexy (lift)  is a cosmetic breast surgery performed under general anesthesia that addresses excess skin, sagging breast tissue, a lack of fullness – particularly in the upper portion and breast cleavage – and improves the feel of the breast.

Breast Lift

Breasts, just as any part of the human body, eventually lose their elasticity. A breast lift procedure (Mastopexy) is often a great solution for patients to counter sagging breasts resulting from age or other reasons like childbirth or nursing.

Breast Implant

Breast implant exchange surgery is a procedure performed to remove an existing pair of breast implants, or, sometimes a single implant if the issue involves breast asymmetry. The old implants are replaced with the new implants.


A breast reduction procedure is the perfect operation for patients who are experiencing pain in the neck and back and overall discomfort due to enlarged breasts. A breast reduction will not only improve upper body strength but it also provides a patient with a complete change in physical appearance.


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