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RF Nano Fractional Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing treatments improve the appearance of skin texture. Deep wrinkles, scars, rosacea, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores. The power of advanced radio frequency technology safely corrects signs of skin damage through tiny pins that safely deliver heat through the skin’s surface. The micro-dermal wounds created naturally heal and repair signs of skin damage visible on the surface of the skin. More comfortable than CO2 lasers the NanoFractional RF treatment is safe for all skin types.

For maximum results, a series of treatments, usually 3-4, scheduled every 4 weeks is recommended. There is minimal to no downtime with RF. Your skin will be red and may feel warm like a sunburn for up to 24 hours. You may return to your normal skin care routine, including wearing makeup after 24 hours. As always you should protect your skin with good quality sunscreen.

Skin resurfacing treatment can be enhanced even further with wrinkle reduction treatments that work by enhancing your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, the two main building blocks for healthy skin.


About our Technology

Venus Viva™ MD Skin Resurfacing System

Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing treatments work with tiny pins that safely deliver heat (via NanoFractional Radio Frequency) through the skin’s surface. This creates tiny micro-dermal wounds, which the body naturally heals on its own. This process repairs signs of skin damage visible on the surface of the skin. Since the wounds are so small, the treatment is much more comfortable than traditional CO2 lasers, while still producing incredibly visible results.


Unlike most other skin resurfacing treatments that are not safe for darker skin tones, Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing is safe for all ethnicities, even for darker complexions.


Return to your daily skin care routine 24 hours after skin resurfacing treatments. No downtime at all for wrinkle reduction treatments.


Sessions last only 15-30 minutes.


Benefits of Skin Resurfacing

-Treats brown spots, redness, or discoloration.

-Minimizes the size of enlarged pores.

-Softens fine lines and wrinkles.

-Reduces the appearance of prominent blood vessels.

-Tightens skin and encourage collagen production.

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Skin Resurfacing

Frequently Asked Questions...

Does your skin Resurfacing treatment take a long time to complete?

One of the best things about coming to us for skin rejuvenation in Houston is that we can complete most treatments in as little as 15 minutes, which makes it the perfect option for people with busy lives.

How often should I receive treatments?

You can come back as often as once weekly to receive skin resurfacing treatments that will continue to make your skin look healthy and beautiful. We’ll recommend the exact frequency of your treatments after we’ve had a chance to analyze your skin type and address any specific concerns.

Can I return to my normal activities immediately after treatment?

Following a treatment session, you’ll be able to return to your regular activities without having to take time out for recovery. In fact, you’ll likely feel more relaxed and revitalized following a session, which can make facing the world again easier.

Is skin resurfacing safe?

Skin resurfacing is quite safe. However, it's important to only have the procedure performed by someone who is skilled in both non-ablative and ablative laser treatments.


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