MiraBelle Spa's Facials



What is a Facial?

If you’re looking for a great way to treat yourself, scheduling an appointment to receive one of the facials we offer here at our facility can do the trick. This relaxing treatment can leave your facial skin much softer and smoother while addressing certain skin concerns. Our staff can provide the customized facial that will help you unwind and escape from your everyday troubles for a while.


How does it work?

During your session, we’ll use safe skincare products that are applied by hand. The products and facial techniques that our staff members use can clear clogged pores and remove dead skin cells that often cause breakouts. The appearances of fine lines and blemishes can be reduced while boosting your body’s natural collagen production to help tighten up your skin. Your skin will be further moisturized during your facial to give you maximum skin hydration.



What are the benefits of Facial Treatments?

-Cleanse your skin

-Reduce signs of stress

-Improve blood circulation

-Skin rejuvenation

-Skin detoxification

-Reduce acne

-Blackhead and whitehead removal

-Skin exfoliation

-Tighten your skin

-Reduce eye bags and dark circles

-Provide you with even skin tone

At MiraBelle

We Offer a Variety of Unique Facials


  • A 45 minute facial including cleansing, manual exfoliation of dead skin cells and fine facial hair, lactic acid treatment with custom mask application and LED light therapy. This treatment includes hydrating serums and sunscreen application.

Essential Facial

  • A 30 minute facial including cleansing, exfoliation, hydration mask, and LED light therapy powered by medical grade skincare products. Suitable for all skin types including teens.

Custom Facial

  • A 60 minute facial customized to your skin type with double cleansing and services which may include dermaplaning, exfoliation, hydration mask, and LED Light Therapy. Minor extractions may be included. This treatment uses medical grade skincare products throughout the process.


  • For those clients who experience very congested pores and may be in need of significant extractions. Detoxifying Pore Treatment, manual extractions and Pore Refining Treatment will be incorporated into your scheduled facial.


Frequently Asked Questions...

Is a facial beneficial for oily skin?

If you have naturally oily skin, there are things that we can do to try to make your skin less oily so that you hopefully won’t have to deal with as many breakouts.

Will a facial work well for different skin types?

People who have lighter or darker skin types can enjoy all the benefits that come along with receiving a facial.

Can a facial be combined with other treatments?

In addition to receiving a facial, you may benefit from some of our other treatments that are designed to enhance skin on an even deeper level. Our staff can explain our different treatment options and offer suggestions.

How many times facial can be done in a month?

General Recommendations. Setting those factors aside, the general recommendation is for a facial every three to four weeks or once a month. That's how long your skin's life cycle is.

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MiraBelle Facials

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