Diminishing Facial Wrinkles & Folds With Dermal Fillers

One of the most gratifying experiences for patients at MiraBelle Face, Body, Skin Spa is the immediate and non-surgical correction of bothersome facial wrinkles and folds. Facial dermal fillers, such as Juvederm XC, Restylane, Versa and Voluma are powerful solutions in achieving these results.

Loss of facial volume occurs as a normal part of aging, and deepens smile lines and marionette lines while decreasing fullness over the cheekbones. In the hands of an experienced practitioner at MiraBelle Spa, dermal fillers can help restore volume, diminish wrinkles and generate a natural and more youthful look.


Where are Dermal Fillers commonly used?

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Nose
  • Nasolabial folds

Life-Changing Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Immediate Results and No Downtime

Dermal fillers provide immediate results. Once you undergo a filler injection, you will notice your appearance transform soon thereafter. In fact, you can complete the filler treatment in just 10 minutes depending on the number of areas needing treatment. Then, you're free to continue your daily errands or even go back to work.

Long-Lasting Effects

In the majority of cases, you'll stay looking more youthful and beautiful for about one year. However, you might want to go in for a quick touch-up appointment in four to six months following your initial treatment.

Beneficial for the Skin

Most fillers feature a natural skin component that help the skin. Hyaluronic acid present in fillers are naturally occurring substances in the skin. Thus, when they are injected, they'll feel natural beneath your skin.

Subtle Results

If you choose to receive dermal fillers, you'll also love how subtle and natural looking the results are. That's exactly what you want if you're like most patients.

Self-Confidence Builder

People who receive fillers generally improve their self-confidence following their treatment. They simply love how their fillers look and feel. They achieve amazing natural looking results.


As you grow older, your skin will lose collagen and fat. Fortunately, fillers help to counteract these problems by making your skin plumper. Fuller -looking cheeks, fewer facial wrinkles.

Boost Your Collagen

Dermal fillers can help your body stimulate more of its own collagen, just as a younger individual's skin does. This translates to the younger, healthier-looking skin you're after -- in a natural way.

Good for Your Lips

Fillers aren't just good for filling in wrinkles and cheeks. Fillers can make your lips look plumper and sexier. At the same time, it'll soften the appearance of annoying wrinkles around the mouth.

Say Goodbye to Scars

A major advantage of springing for fillers is that they can improve the appearance of scars. This is a big deal if you've spent years applying makeup to hide unsightly scars as a result of acne, for example.


At MiraBelle Spa We Use:

  • Restylane® Fillers
  • Juvederm® Fillers
  • Versa + Fillers


Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid–based facial fillers used to smooth wrinkles. Different types of Restylane can be used for various needs


Juvederm is a cosmetic treatment referred to as a filler. It's used to restore facial contours and improve signs of aging. It's an injectable dermal filler with a base of hyaluronic acid.

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