What is Coolsculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a procedure used to rid yourself of those stubborn areas on your body that seem impervious to diet and exercise. This non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure uses precisely controlled cooling to target the unwanted fat cells. The frozen fat cells resulting from the CoolSculpting® procedure will be safely and naturally eliminated from your body, creating long-term results. Once the fat cells have been treated, they’re gone for good!.

What areas can be CoolSculpted?

“If you can pinch it, we can treat it.” A wide variety of treatment areas can be positively addressed by CoolSculpting®. You can smooth the bra line area, get a handle on your love handles, or flatten your tummy!

Which areas are you having difficulty with?

  • Are you worried about a double chin?
  • How about your inner or outer thighs?
  • Extra fat in your stomach or abdomen?
  • Love handles and flanks out of control?
  • What about back bulge or bra area?


CoolSculpting® may be exactly what you’re looking for to get rid of that extra fat once and for all. If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it! Start your CoolSculpting® journey and take yourself further. The treatment is effective for both men and women.


Our Clients Say

“To me it’s magic because I finally can see results. I feel and look flatter. I highly recommend this to anyone out there with those stubborn spots that you’d do anything to get rid of.”

Samantha T., MiraBelle client

“Cool Sculpting is amazing. I had treatment to the underside of my jawline & I was skeptical. The results were fantastical. Minimal discomfort with Maximum results.”

Mark L. MiraBelle client


CoolSculpting® Results


E. M. Age 37

E.M. is a 37 year old female who works out daily but could not get rid of stubborn fat. She was looking to target her persistent trouble areas on her abdomen, flanks, and inner thigh.

We used 12 paddles total: 4 on the lower abdomen, 2 on the upper abdomen, 4 on her flanks, and 2 on her inner thighs.

The CoolSculpting® treatments we administered display incredible before and after results.


V.S. Age 33

V.S. is a 33 year old female who was looking to target stubborn fat on her flanks which didn’t respond to diet or exercise.

She was given 2 CoolSculpting® treatments, using 4 paddles total for ideal results.

The before and after photos showcase an extraordinary reduction in size and she was extremely pleased with the progress of her results after 8 weeks.


S.L. Age 48

S.L. is a 48 year old female who was looking to reduce the appearance of upper arm fat using a non-invasive procedure.

We were able to do 2 CoolSculpting® treatments on each arm using 2 paddles per arm in order to obtain these remarkable results.

The before and after photos display significant reduction in size, all without the need for surgery or down time.


A.R. Age 34

A.R. is a 34 year old female who was interested in a non-surgical solution to her double chin.

She was given 1 treatment of CoolSculpting® using 2 paddles. She was extremely pleased with the before and after results 8 weeks post-treatment that she has booked an additional session for more dramatic end results.

We will continue to treat her problem area with 2 paddles to create a more defined jawline with no downtime post-care.


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